Antares guitars were imported and distributed in the U.S. by Vega Music International. They are often claimed to be from the 1970s and Japanese made, but there is little evidence to support that. The only catalog available is from 1982 and features almost every model that is found under this name, suggesting a short lifespan for the brand. Most of their models were made in Korea by Samick, and a few most likely by Cort.

Samick-built models

  • ACB (Doubleneck SG style)
  • ACP (LP style)
  • ADX (Dreadnought style)
  • AE (Explorer style)
  • AEB (Explorer style bass)
  • AFB (LP style)
  • AFL (Lead style)
  • AGD (Vantage style)
  • AIM (Iceman style)
  • ALA (LP style)
  • ALK (LP style)
  • ALS (LP style)
  • APK (P-bass style)
  • APK (P-bass style)
  • ARC (Bich style)
  • AS (Star style)
  • ASA (L-5 style)
  • ASB (Star style bass)
  • ASK (Strat style)
  • AST (Strat style)
  • ATA (LP style)
  • AV (V style)
  • AVB (V style bass)


  • AFB-26 (Cort)
  • ALK-27 (Cort)
  • APT-27 (Cort)
  • AST-24 (Cort)

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