Aria was formed in Japan in 1956 by Shiro Arai as "Arai & Co., Inc". Starting in 1964, Matsumoku built all of their guitars under contract. The brand name was changed to "Aria Pro II" in 1975.[1] In 1987, production of many lower end models moved to Samick in Korea, due to the closure of Matsumoku and rising costs of production in Japan.

Diamond was a cheaper sub-brand of Aria, which moved production entirely to Samick around the same time. They seem to have become a Japanese market exclusive brand by then.

Some Japanese market Aria Pro II copies were made by Samick as well.

Mad Axe was another budget sub-brand of Aria.

Aria Pro II models

  • AXL
  • CT
  • FA
  • LS
  • MA (Magna)
  • PE (Pro Electric)
  • RS
  • SL
  • STG
  • TA (Titan Artist)
  • VA (Vanguard)
  • XL (Excel)
  • XR

Diamond models

  • ACT
  • ASG
  • ATV (Beat Master)
  • IX
  • JX
  • LPC-470
  • SL

Mad Axe models

  • ST