The Deluxe Series Mark II was introduced around 1982-1983. This was Samick and Hondo's effort to build on the success of the Deluxe Series and further utilize what they'd learned from Tokai and Matsumoku. This would be the first attempt of any Korean manufacturer to build high-end instruments. These guitars introduced features like fret-edge binding, circuit board electronics, high-quality Indian Rosewood fretboards, flame Maple tops and solid wood bodies, as well as other "vintage accurate" specifications. They also featured very thin finishes, a technique learned from the aforementioned Japanese manufacturers, believed to increase resonance/sustain. In 1984, the Revival Series took it one step further by offering many of the same models with stock Grover tuners. The last Deluxe Series Mark II models were made in early 1985.

Contrary to what many people will claim, there was no lawsuit over these guitars, and they were not authorized by Gibson either; Samick didn't start working with Gibson until 1985. So we must infer that these guitars just managed to slip under the radar until then.

All Deluxe Series Mark II models were made in Korea by Samick.


  • H-748

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