MGP finish

Multi-Color Graphic Paint finish (MGP)

Starting around 1987, Samick began offering many unique "Graphic Paint" finish options. Because they were all painted by hand, no two are exactly the same. Some were even 3-dimensional (carved into the top). However, they are not necessarily rare, as just about any model could be ordered in a Graphic Paint finish.


  • Multi-Color Graphic Paint (MGP)
  • Graphic Paint Peacock (GPP)
  • Graphic Paint Eagle (GPE)
  • Graphic Paint Skulls (GPSK)
  • Granite (GT, multiple colors offered)
  • Jaguar (JR, multiple colors offered)
  • Marble Stone (MS, multiple colors offered)
  • Seaweed (SE, multiple colors offered)
  • Sand Stone (SS, multiple colors offered)
  • Fishnet (FN, multiple colors offered)
  • Rainbow Polka Dot (RPD, multiple colors offered)
  • Celebration (CEL)
  • Climbing Flower (CFL)

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