The H-762 was introduced in 1984 as Hondo's Ibanez Roadstar copy, one of the first two models in the Formula 1 Series. Because of what an accurate copy it is, it is often mistakenly believed to have been made by Ibanez (or that the Ibanez was made by Samick; also not true). This body was later used for the Samick I model.

Made in Incheon, Korea by Samick

H-762 (Formula 1 Series)

H762 good pics

1984 H-762 CS

The H-762 was a direct copy of the Roadstar RS-1000.

  • 1984-1985
  • $299.95 MSRP
  • $199.95 Street price (1984 X-mas Sale)
  • $329.95 MSRP (TT finish)


  • Solid Ash body (2-3 piece) with arched top
  • "Tiger Tail" flame Maple veneer (TT finish)
  • Belly carve
  • Thin Polyurethane finish


  • Bolt-on Rock Maple neck
  • Chunky C-shape profile
  • Rosewood "skunk stripe"
  • Rosewood fretboard with dot inlays
  • Gloss Polyurethane finish
  • Color-matched headstock (except BTS)
  • Eagle Beak headstock
  • Silk-screened Formula 1 Series logo
  • Fender style nut
  • 21 frets
  • 25.5" scale
  • 9.5" fretboard radius
H762 HS

Headstock (Cherry Sunburst)


  • Double-ply body (front)
  • Celluloid binding


  • Two ceramic X-14 humbuckers
  • 3-way switch
  • 1 Vol, 1 Tone


  • Gold hardware (except Schaller bridge)
  • Black hardware (Mako XK-7)
  • 14:1 ratio Grover Rotomatic tuners
  • Bullet style truss rod
  • Gold bell knobs
  • Schaller 455 combination bridge/tailpiece w/ brass saddles


  • Cherry Sunburst (CS)
  • Butterscotch (BTS)
  • Black (B)
  • Tobacco Tint Sunburst (TT)

Also branded as:

  • Mako XK-7
  • Turbo Electrics


HK-763 features KKT 2-point Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.

Early 1985 models (Version 1) had slightly different specs.

H763 Yellow 3

H-763 Y (Version 2)

  • Fame Series (1986-1988)
  • $199.95 Street (1985 Christmas Sale)
  • $519.95 MSRP (1988, HK-763)


  • Laminate body construction with arched top
  • Solid Ash body with arched top (RBB finish)
  • Belly carve
Stinger HS-1

Stinger headstock, Fame Broadway logo


H763 Yellow 2

6-point Licensed Floyd Rose w/ roller saddles


  • Two X-13 single coils, one X-14 humbucker
  • Single coil mounting rings (Ver. 1)
  • Cream pickup covers and rings (CAR finish)
  • Tricktone circuitry (Ver. 1)
    • Coil Tap mini-switch
    • Treble roll-on/off
  • 3-way mini-switch (Ver. 1)
  • 1 Vol, 1 Tone (Ver. 1)
  • Tricktone circuitry (Ver. 2)
    • Individual on/off mini-switches
    • Coil Tap mini-switch
    • Treble roll-on/off
  • 1 Vol, 2 Tone (Ver. 2)


  • Chrome hardware
  • 14:1 ratio Grover Rotomatic tuners
  • Triangular truss rod cover
  • Black bell knobs
  • Cream bell knobs (CAR finish)
  • Vintage style 4-point tremolo
  • Optional KKT 2-point Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo (HK-763)
  • Optional 6-point Licensed Floyd Rose w/ Brass roller saddles
  • Locking nut (Optional tremolos only)


  • Black (B)
  • White (WH)
  • Yellow (Y)
  • Candy Apple Red (CAR)
  • Carrera Midnight Blue (CMB)
  • Carrera Midnight Blue w/ Black hardware (CMB/BR)
  • Royal Blue Burst (RBB)
  • Melt-Down Red (MDR)

H-763 KT

Same as H-763, but with Kahler Flyer tremolo.

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