85-86 H787

The H-787 was introduced in 1985 as Hondo's B.C. Rich Warlock copy, and part of the Formula 1 Series. The bass version is the H-887.



86 H787

1986 H-787 KT B

HK-787 features KKT Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.

H-787 KT features Kahler Flyer tremolo.


  • Beveled laminate body
  • Belly carve


87 HK787

1987 HK-787 MWH/C


  • Two Zebra style X-14 humbuckers
  • 3-way switch
  • 1 Vol, 2 Tone


  • Chrome hardware
  • Black hardware (select finishes)
  • 14:1 ratio Grover Rotomatic tuners
  • Metal knobs
  • Vintage-style 4-point tremolo
  • Optional KKT Licensed Floyd Rose 2-point tremolo
  • Optional 6-point Licensed Floyd Rose w/ brass roller saddles
  • Optional Kahler Flyer tremolo
  • Locking nut (Optional tremolos only)


  • Black (B)
  • Metallic Black w/ Black hardware (MBK/B)
  • Metallic White (MWH or MWH/C)
  • Metallic White w/ Black hardware (MWH/B)
  • Candy Apple Red (CAR)
  • Jumbo Metallic Black Flake w/ Black hardware (JMBK/B)

Also branded as:

  • Turbo Electrics


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