Samick built a factory in P.T. Bogor, Indonesia in 1992 due to rising wages in Korea. They started by producing acoustic guitars in 1993, and by 1995, they began building electrics. At that time, all Korean models became part of the Artist Series in order to differentiate them. By 2006, all production had shifted to the Indonesian factory, and today it is the second major source of Epiphone guitars, after Gibson's Qingdao, China factory.


Indonesian model names typically started with an "L" (pre-Greg Bennett era) and the name was featured on a black sticker with gold border and lettering (typically found at the heel). They also include the word "Model" on the sticker, unlike Korean models. They did not include serial numbers until 1999, when they began using the "IS" prefix, which was quickly changed to "SI".

Another differentiation is the style of Baseball inspection sticker.

Otherwise, they can be visually very similar to Korean models.