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Samick wave logo

"Wave" logo (1989-1994)

Samick has always sold guitars under it's own name, but focused mostly on its Hondo joint-venture and contracts for other brands, until the late 1980s, when they re-focused on building their own brand name's portfolio.

(For more, see: Samick History)

Note: ALL Samick guitars are either made in Korea or Indonesia (with the exception of one acoustic model handmade by Japanese craftsman S. Yairi). All models on this site are made in Korea unless otherwise specified.

Series Edit

Korean Models Edit

1989 2 4 med

1989 Catalog Spread (Model YRRG-161 in front)

1991 17 3 sm

1991 Catalog Spread (Model SR-660 in front)

1991 2 2 sm

1991 Catalog Spread (Model KR-570)

95ish ad-0

1995 Ad

Electrics: Edit

Acoustics: Edit

  • AMC1
  • AMCT
  • EAG
  • EJ
  • HFB
  • HJ-605
  • H-270
  • KSC
  • KSW
  • SC
  • SF
  • SJ
  • SW

Indonesian Models Edit

  • DLR
  • FB
  • IH
  • IHJ
  • JAD
  • LA
  • LK
  • LS (Strat style)
  • LSE
  • LSM
  • LSR
  • LT
  • SA (Strat style)
  • SG
  • SL

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