Original Squier Strat (Korea) Advert

Squier is a brand that was originally created in 1890, bought by Fender Musical Instrument Corporation in 1965 and became defunct by 1975. It was reactivated in 1982 as a budget brand, and models were originally made in Japan by Fujigen Gakki. Eventually, those models began to struggle against their own more expensive Fenders and cheaper alternatives like the Marlin Sidewinder (made by Samick). So, in 1987, production moved to Korea, with the first Korean factory being Young Chang (maker of Fenix brand). It is often said that these first Korean Squiers used leftover Japanese parts. However, this rumor is untrue. Samick began producing them in 1989, and only continued until 1991. Squier II models were the cheaper versions.

They can be identified by their serial numbers, which start with an "S", followed by the code:

Y = Year
P = Production Number
Example: S1030768 = 30,768th guitar made in 1991
However, guitars built in 1989 and 1990 both use a 9 as the first digit. The only way to determine the actual production date is by removing the neck, where an ink stamped date will be found at the heel.


  • 33-2000
  • 33-2002
  • 33-6000
  • 33-6150
  • 33-6250

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